Who we are

The International Baptist Church of Bielefeld is an international family of Spirit sensitive Evangelical Christians which is seeker friendly and committed to service in the community.

By Spirit Sensitive we mean that we believe in the gifts and guidance of the Holy Spirit. So we encourage the use of his gifts as God instructs and seek the Spirit’s guidance in all we do.

By Evangelical we mean that we define our lives and ministry by the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Bible. This means that for us the Bible is the final authority for faith and practice.

By International we mean we are people from many countries united by our faith in Christ and using the English language as the medium of our fellowship.

By Family we mean that we are committed to being a fellowship of love and encouragement.

By Seeker Friendly we mean that we are committed to welcoming and loving those who are investigating Christianity. We love skeptics, we respect doubt and we provide a no pressure atmosphere where inquiry, honest questions and discussion are encouraged. Our Sunday ministry is designed to be understandable to seekers and our teaching engages contemporary culture with thoughtful serious exposition of the Bible, using everyday language.

By Committed to Service we mean that we understand our ministry to the larger Bielefeld community is serving them in love and testifying to the truth.

By Service in the Community we mean that we believe that a Christian’s discipleship is to be lived out in the world. A job is a Christian calling, so is being a student. We serve Jesus outside our church walls by serving others there. We intentionally prepare people to integrate their faith and calling based on understanding and applying a Christian World View.