Welcome to IBC Bielefeld!

Your English speaking Church

Come and join us! We are a diverse group, with people from many countries and backgrounds. We dress casually and we give space and time to get to know one another over coffee and tea after the service.

If you would like more information, please contact us at: info (at) ibc-bielefeld.org!


Meetings during COVID

Current regulations:

- we don't require but recommend to comply to 3G rules (fully vaccinated, officially recovered, or tested by Schnelltest or PCR test) in order to attend in person. 

- children attending school are counted as being tested

- pre school children have no attendance restrictions

- we try to offer Schnelltests for those adults who are not officially tested

- those adults who are not 3G compliant and refuse to be tested in church must wear FFP2 masks


- only those who are fully vaccinated or officially recovered or have a valid PCR test can sing


Please check our regular activities page

To join any of our online meetings, please visit the Zoom web page and enter the meeting ID of the according meeting. For the Sunday service, this is 895 8562 6405. For the password, please contact us at info (at) ibc-bielefeld.org. To pepare, please read this instruction page and log in before 10:30am!

To stay up to date, you may join the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ibcbielefeld, a private initiative of current and former IBC friends.

Latest Announcements

Sunday Service - every Sunday 10:30



Due to the current covid outbreak our next meetings are online.

(updated on 27.11.2021)